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Simply put - our planet can't wait. It is widely reported that approximately 1.4 billion pounds of rubbish per year enters our seas. Pollution caused by plastic, microbeads and fishing nets is harming whales, sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life. Shockingly, plastic marine debris is now found in every single ocean on the planet.

Here at Zoggs, this isn't acceptable. We're passionate about the ocean (we don't just mean swimming in it!) and what changes we can make to protect our world for the future. We firmly believe our planet cannot wait and we need to take action now.



“We’re committed to doing everything we can to help the environment. By 2020, our mission is to have 100% sustainable packaging and 60% of our swimwear made from recycled materials.” 

Mark Hammersley, CEO Zoggs International.



  1. All goggle products (produced from January 2019) will be sold in the Trap Blister or Cardboard Window Box style packaging, which has reduced the plastic used by 57%.

  2. 80% of our packaging will include disposal or recovery labels to encourage customers to act responsibly post purchase.

  3. Our Goggle casing can be cut out and used as a sealable goggle case.

  4. Smaller goggle packaging styles also means lower transport emissions when being shipped.




Over 80% of current swimsuit range is now created with sustainable methods, and we intend to get this to 100%. Through the initiatives of Ecolast™ and Ecolast+™, you can now do good for the environment, whilst looking and feeling good in our swimsuits. 

There's a lot to our sustainable swimwear, far too much to fit in here, so if you'd like to find out more why not visit our Ecolast+™ page. We promise it's an interesting read!



Packing Bags

Plastic bags are by far the largest proportion of single-use plastics.

Because of this, we have introducing new oxy biodegradable plastic bags to protect our swimwear when it is shipped. These new eco-bags safely degrade in the presence of oxygen, helping to reduce landfill volume.

Swimsuit Hangers

We have also transitioning to eco-friendly hangers which are made from recycled post-consumer waste like flower pots, toys and seeding containers.




Here at Zoggs, we like to go the extra length. So it isn't just our products and packaging that's sustainable, but we are also making an effort with our marketing materials. As well as reducing the paper used in our catalogues, all other marketing materials are made from sustainable substrates.

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