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Zoogs Raptor HCB Mirror Swim Goggles 猛禽鏡面塗層成人賽鏡  461085 GYBKMB

Zoogs Raptor HCB Mirror Swim Goggles 猛禽鏡面塗層成人賽鏡 461085 GYBKMB


Item#: 461085 GYBKMB

Size: Adults
Featuring patented Honeycomb technology, the Zoggs Raptor Mirror Swimming Goggles feature an innovative hexagonal structure. This works to reinforce the seal against pressure while maintaining elasticity for a soft and secure fit that offers stability during diving, tumble turns and swim strokes. The curved mirror lenses give 180-degree peripheral vision and reduce glare in bright and sunny conditions so you can swim in the open water with full clarity of vision. Further enhanced by UV protection and anti-fog technology while the double band head strap offers comfort, durability and is easy to adjust for the perfect fit.

Zoggs Raptor Mirror 泳鏡採用專利蜂窩技術,具有創新的六邊形結構。 這有助加強防止入水能力並可以抵抗壓力,同時保持彈性,柔軟和安全合於一身,在潛水、翻滾和游泳時提供穩定性。 曲面鏡鏡片可提供 180 度周邊視野,並在明亮和陽光充足的條件下減少眩光,因此您可以在開闊的水域中暢遊,視野清晰。 通過紫外線防護和防霧技術進一步增強性能,而雙帶設計提供舒適性、耐用性並且易於調節以實現完美緊貼。

Colour: Black

  • 詳細內容 Details

    Patented HCB (Honeycomb) technology gaskets
    Mirrored lenses
    Curved lens technology for up to 180 degree peripheral vision
    Included components: 1 x goggle, 3 nose bridges
    UV protection and anti-fog

    獲得專利的 HCB(蜂窩)技術六邊形結構
    防霧 - Fogbuster 提供額外的水氣控制,以實現真正的清晰度
    紫外線防護 - Zoggs 將紫外線防護作為所有護目鏡的標準功能。
    可阻擋 99%-100% 的太陽有害紫外線,確保游泳安全

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