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Zoggs Tri Vision Mask - Tri Vision 眼罩型 成人 游泳鏡 461075 NVBLTBL

Zoggs Tri Vision Mask - Tri Vision 眼罩型 成人 游泳鏡 461075 NVBLTBL


Item#: 461075 NVBLTBL (302919)

Size: Adults
See clearly with our Zoggs Tri-Vision Mask, featuring a larger frame for a comfortable fit and offering 180 degree peripheral vision through the use of CLT™ Curved Lens Technology. The clear gaskets provide a greater light balance for fantastic clarity and the clear lens features maximum UV protection and Fogbuster™ anti-fog for exceptional moisture control. The Tri-Vision mask is ideal for indoor training, and with a thick split-yoke strap designed to reduce pressure around the eyes combined with a soft silicone seal you can achieve excellent comfort.

借助我們的Zoggs Tri-Vision面罩型泳鏡,您可以清晰地看到水底世界,泳鏡使用更大的鏡架,佩戴舒適,並通過使用CLT™曲面透鏡技術提供180度的周邊視覺。 透明的墊圈可提供更大的光線平衡,以實現出色的清晰度;透明的透鏡具有最大的紫外線防護能力,Fogbuster™防霧功能可實現出色的水分控制。 Tri-Vision面罩是室內訓練的理想選擇,並配有厚實的叉形肩帶設計以減輕眼睛周圍的壓力,再加上柔軟的矽膠密封件,您可以獲得出色的舒適度。


Colours: Blue
  • 詳細內容 Details

    • Colour: Blue
    • Clear lens ideal for indoor swimming and overcast conditions
    • Clear gaskets provide enhanced light balance
    • Larger frame offers an extremely fit
    • CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology provides 180 degree peripheral vision
    • Maximum UV protection
    • Fogbuster™ impregnated anti-fog lenses for fantastic moisture control
    • Super soft silicone seal offers a customised and comfortable fit
    • Quick adjust strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability
    • Split-yoke strap reduces pressure around the eyes








    超柔軟的矽膠密封邊, 更防水, 更舒適, 更緊貼



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