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Zoggs  Performance Predator - 461037 BLBKTSMR

Zoggs Performance Predator - 461037 BLBKTSMR


Item#: 461037 BLBKTSMR

Size: Adults

The Predator swimming goggles by Zoggs are especially good for open water swimming and glare-free vision. Bright light conditions, reflecting water and a low sun not only affect your orientation, but also make it difficult to see your opponents during a triathlon. The lenses of the Predator offer maximum sunlight reflection to protect your eyes from disturbing glare.

Whether during training or in a competition – you don’t make any compromises when it comes to high performances. Therefore, the Zoggs Predator swimming goggles are not only a great choice for triathlons. The curved lenses offer totally undistorted 180° peripheral vision without fogging. Harmful UV-A and UV-B rays are almost completely blocked.

Yet, the unisex goggles by Zoggs not only stand out for the quality of their lenses. The streamlined Bio-Tech frame with Ultra-Fit silicone seals impresses with an excellent fit. Specially shaped gaskets reduce pressure around the eye sockets, while the soft seals offer high reliability in any situation. An easily adjustable double band silicone strap also makes for a good fit and high comfort – almost as if you wouldn’t wear swimming goggles at all.


由 Zoggs 創造的鏡面的Predator游泳鏡特別適合在露天空間游泳及需要無眩光視野。在明亮的光線下,水反射的光線和陽光不僅影響您的視線和方向, 而且在三項鐵人比賽中很難看到對手。 捕食者游泳鏡的鏡面可大大反射陽光,以保護您的眼睛免受眩光干擾。

無論是在培訓期間還是在比賽中,對於高性能游泳鏡的要求,絕不妥協。因此,Zoggs Predator 游泳鏡絕對是三項鐵人的最佳選擇。彎曲型鏡面游泳鏡可提供180°的全視線視野,並且有防霧氣及阻擋絕大部份有害的 UV-A 和 UV-B 射線。

Zoggs 的男女通用游泳鏡, 不僅以其鏡片的質量脫穎而出。而且帶有Ultra-Fit矽膠密封的流線型Bio-Tech鏡架, 具有超卓的緊貼度。特殊形狀的墊片組合可降低眼窩周圍的壓力,而柔軟的封邊可在任何環境提供高可靠性的防水功能。易於調節的雙矽膠鏡帶也非常緊貼和舒適,感覺就如沒有戴泳鏡一樣。

Colour: Blue
  • Details

    Blue / Black / Smoke

    · Open water swimming goggles with smoke lenses
    · Reduces glare in strong sunlight
    · Around 15 per cent lighter than the predecessor models
    · Ultra Fit with soft silicone seals
    · Wiro Frame with Bio-Tech technology
    · Flexible nose bridge
    · CLT Technology with undistorted 180° peripheral vision thanks to curved lenses
    · Fogbuster anti-fog coating
    · UV 400 protection
    · Pulley system with easily adjustable double band strap
    · FINA approved

    ·Ultra Fit具有柔軟的矽膠密封邊
    ·UV 400防護
    ·此鏡已受國際泳聯核准, 可在賽事中使用

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