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Zoggs Kickboard Standard - 465202

Zoggs Kickboard Standard - 465202


Item#: 465202 M (311646)

The Zoggs EVA Kickboard Medium - Black & Silver has been designed for improved efficiency in the water with hand cut-outs for a secure hold. It is an ideal training tool that helps the swimmer focus on kick technique and reduce muscle fatigue. The design allows for multiple hand postions on the board including hands over the top with fingers gripped in each hold, hands holding each side of the board or hands over the top holding onto the arrow shape like a traditional kickboard style.Features    Improve your core and leg strength    Improve your kicking technique    Comfortably supports the arms, while keeping the upper body still    Allows for different hand positioning

- Size    Height 43.5 cm x Width 29.5 cm x Thickness 3.5cm   
- Weight 260grams
- Materials    Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam
-Durable high density construction
-Designed for training

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