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Zoggs Endura Max - 超級耐力賽型成人游泳鏡 461110 BLLBTBL

Zoggs Endura Max - 超級耐力賽型成人游泳鏡 461110 BLLBTBL


Item#: 461110 BLLBTBL

Size: Adults


Slide Adjust - Side slide adjust clip featured on entry level goggles.

Split Strap - Our split yoke straps, made using high quality silicone, are strong,
durable and comfortable, featured on many of our goggles.

Silicone - Creates a long-lasting personalised seal around your eyes, for a unique leakfree fit. Designed to provide even pressure distribution across your face. Silicone hypo-allergenic to avoid skin irritation and phthalate free.

UV Protection - Zoggs includes UV protection as a standard feature on all goggles. As well as our standard UV360, we have introduced UV400 maximum protection
which blocks 99%-100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, to ensure swimming is as safe
as it is enjoyable.

Anti-Fog - Fogbuster offers extra moisture control for real clarity of vision, and a stress free swim.


滑動調整設計 - 游泳鏡上配有側邊滑動調整夾。

分離式鏡帶 - 我們的分離式鏡帶採用優質矽膠製成,堅固、耐用且舒適,我們有很多款式游泳鏡都會採用這種設計。

矽膠物料 - 在您眼睛周圍形成持久的個人化密封,形成獨特的防漏緊貼能力。 能為您的臉部提供均勻的壓力分佈。 所用的矽膠是低過敏性,可避免刺激皮膚,且不含鄰苯二甲酸鹽 (有害物質)。
紫外線防護 - Zoggs 將紫外線防護作為所有游泳鏡的標準功能。 除了我們的標準 UV360,我們還推出了 UV400 最大防護
可阻擋 99%-100% 的太陽有害紫外線,確保游泳安全
Anti-Fog - Fogbuster 提供額外的濕度控制,以實現真正清晰的視線和無壓力下游泳。


Colours: Blue
  • 詳細內容 Details



    • Curve lenses for a panoramic view
    • Soft rounded silicone gasket for added comfort
    • Adjustable nose bridge for customized fit

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