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ONE & ALL SUN SWIFT 18G 有機天然 透明防曬棒

ONE & ALL SUN SWIFT 18G 有機天然 透明防曬棒

  • Anytime, anywhere, easy sun protection, touch-free colorless sunscreen stick.
  • Organic Natural Inca and Argan Oil.  No Artificial Fragrance.
  • UVA/UVB protection, SPF50 + PA++++.
  • Water-resistant and sweat-resistant formula, suitable for instant and convenient use of sunscreen products outdoors and indoors.
  • Skin care lovers get instant protection from long-term inhalation of indoor UV rays.
  • Dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin types, leaving skin smooth and healthy.
  • Biodegradable, One & All is a brand of ocean & eco-friendly products.
  • Certified Organic & Natural Ingredients:
    • Vitamin E – Antioxidant properties that help prevent skin damage from free radicals caused by UV exposure.
    • Inca Inchi Oil – reduces the appearance of dark spots, minimises enlarged pores, long-lasting hydration, improves skin elasticity and signs of aging, helps boost collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothes antioxidant properties, reveals soft, smooth and radiant skin.
    • Argan Oil – protects from sun damage, moisturises the skin, soothes atopic dermatitis, has anti-aging effects, reduces oiliness of the skin, prevents and reduces stretch marks.
    • Capric Triglyceride – Softens skin by locking in moisture and forming a protective layer.
    • Eucalyptus Oil – Helps heal wounds, counteract mental fatigue, soothe sun-damaged skin, enhance mental clarity and fight brain fatigue.
    • Oregano Oil – helps fight bacteria, provides antioxidants, reduces inflammation, helps heal wounds.



Apply a thin layer over the entire face and body or areas of special need at any time without rubbing.
After swimming or during outdoor activities, reapply every 2 hours and wipe off sweat before wiping for better results.


For external use only, avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
It is recommended to be used by children over 2 years old. If there are special factors, please consult your doctor before using it.
Please keep this product out of the reach of children.


    隨時隨地,輕鬆防曬, 免接觸透明防曬棒有機天然印加果及摩洛哥堅果油,不含人造香料UVA / UVB防護,SPF50 + PA ++++抗水抗汗配方,適合室外室內即時方便使用防曬產品愛護肌膚人士為免受長期吸入室內紫外線,得到即時保護通過皮膚醫學測試,適合所有膚質,令肌膚光滑健康生物可降解,One & All 是愛護海洋環保產品品牌有機認證及天然成份::維生素E – 抗氧化特性,有助防止因紫外線暴露導致的自由基對皮膚造成傷害印加印奇油 – 減少黑斑的出現,減低毛孔擴張,持久保濕,改善皮膚彈性和衰老跡象,有助促進膠原蛋白的產生,減少細紋和皺紋的出現,舒​​緩抗氧化性能,展現柔軟,光滑和容光煥發的皮膚摩洛哥堅果油 – 保護免受陽光傷害,滋潤皮膚,舒緩過敏性皮膚炎,具有抗衰老作用,減少皮膚的油膩感,預防和減少妊娠紋癸酸甘油三酸酯 – 通過鎖住皮膚水分形成保護層,從而軟化肌膚桉樹油 – 有助治癒傷口,消除精神疲憊, 舒緩暴曬後受損皮膚,增強精神清晰度並對抗腦疲勞牛至油 – 有助對抗細菌,提供抗氧化劑,減少炎症,有助治癒傷口

    建議2歲以上兒童使用, 如因特殊因素在使用前或先諮詢醫生。

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