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Aquasport Thermal Jacket - AS-116

Aquasport Thermal Jacket - AS-116


Item#: AS-116

Size: 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16yrs old

- 2.5/3.5mm "Walrus Skin Rubber Thermal Jacket" for keeping warm while in water
- Front zip design
- Sun protection UPF 50+
- matching thermal pants available



    The G5 series Natural Rubber Foam rubber sponge is made out of natural rubber harvested from rubber trees, plant-based and latex-allergy friendly natural rubber rather than the traditional petroleum-based and limestone-based neoprene. Compared to the traditional neoprene, the natural rubber wetusits production process saves up to 80% on CO2 emissions in one wetsuit. And our all G5 rubber plantations are 100% FSC® certified. FSC® certified means that buying your new G5 natural rubber wetsuit does not contribute to deforestation, human right violations or abuse of agricultural pesticides. It also means that the hevea rubber – the main ingredient G5 natural rubber foam is only extracted from plantations that preserve ecological integrity and biodiversity. Though only 4% of global rubber plantation area is currently FSC®-certified, well-managed FSC®-certified forest management has the potential to affect a positive environmental and social transformation of the natural rubber sector. 

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