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Aquasport 1mm Walrus Thermal Suit - AS-241

Aquasport 1mm Walrus Thermal Suit - AS-241


Item#: AS-241

Size: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 yrs old


Aquasport 『1mm Baby Walrus Skin Thermal Suit』:
1. Unique Material : 1mm ultra-thin, "Walrus Skin Rubber" (chloroprene)
2. Super Soft and High-Elastic "Walrus Skin Rubber" (chloroprene). Users can
get more fit, more warm , more flexible. 
All performances are better than the general swimming thermal suit in market.
3. Easy to wear

4. Sun protection UPF 50+


Aquasport 『1mm 幼童鯨脂橡膠防曬保暖衣』:
1. 全港獨有 1mm 超薄, “鯨脂橡膠”(氯丁橡膠 Chloroprene) 有料
2. 超柔軟高彈力“鯨脂橡膠”(氯丁橡膠 Chloroprene), 有如海象皮膚脂肪, 提供超柔軟保暖中層, 使用者可
得到更貼身, 更保暖, 更靈活, 各項表現超越一般游泳保暖衣
3. 易於同BB穿著,亦減少著衫時弄傷BB的機會

4. 防曬 UPF 50+

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