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Aquasport 1mm Thermal Fleece Top - AS-766

Aquasport 1mm Thermal Fleece Top - AS-766

Size 1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14

Thermal Swimwear for kids Cold water swimwear perfect solution for your kids at chilly pools and windy beaches. This way they can stay warm and enjoy the activity.

Wear to stay warm but still be flexible.

The UPF50+ will protect them from the UV rays as well.
  • Details

    Made from a unique Lycra Fleece combination, Aquasport Thermal Swimwear for kids is perfect for Cold Water swim , Great for swimming, water sports or any cold-weather recreational water activity. The 1 mm thermal fleece Top is made of the highest quality Lycra Fleece fabric, which is smooth, stretchy and extremely durable. Aquasport’s Thermal Fleece Top match great with the Thermal Lycra Fleece Tights.

    Moreover, the Thermal Lycra Fleece Top will also protect your kids from harmful sun rays. Aquasport’s sun protective clothing designed for sun protection rated UPF50+ for its highest level of ultraviolet (UV) protection, Blocking 98% from UVA & UVB.Thermal suits are excellent for water aerobics, swimming lessons, and even open water activities.

    For water sports and swimming , we recommend choosing a tight fitting swimwear, since they naturally tend to stretch a little when wet.

    Have fun in the water and stay warm!
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