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Hydrospeed Power Splice Legsuit Junior Swimsuit

Hydrospeed Power Splice Legsuit Junior Swimsuit


Power through every water training session or competition in and outdoors with the Power Splice Junior Legsuit from Hyrospeed. Boasting muscle support technology, durable resistance to sunscreen and UV rays , the legsuit offers much needed support in the water. 


Hydrospeed 的 Power Splice Junior Legsuit  為每次使用者, 
在水上訓練或室內比賽時提供動力。這款 legsuit 採用了肌肉支撐技術,

  • Details

    Features and Benefits

    •  Great for longer swim sessions
    •  Comfortable fit –fabric stretches so children can enjoy their swim without feeling restricted.
    •  Durable, soft to touch and more resistant to sunscreen than traditional swim fabrics.
    • Only a bust part is with expectation cloth of the given lining and a removable cups inward
    • 非常適合長時間游泳穿著
    • 舒適緊貼 - 高彈性游泳面料,讓孩子們可以在不受縛束的情況下享受游泳。
    • 耐用,手感柔軟,比傳統泳衣更耐用防曬。
    • 胸部加上襯布, 及可拆除更換的胸墊


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